A picture tells a thousand words – you can upload up to 20

After creating an account the first step is to select the pictures that best present your unique location. Your photos are the first thing our app users look at and are frequently the decisive factor in determining with whom they wish to book. Including photos of all the spaces a creative has access to helps them imagine what it’ll actually be like to shoot at your location. On Scouty you can upload up to 20 pictures so use every single one to present your location best.

Listings with bad photos will struggle to even stand a chance. Not even the best description will count for nothing if your photos aren’t appealing enough to make them want to learn more about your location.

Compare the following example listings:

Having professional-grade Scouty photos from day one is therefore highly recommended. This becomes especially important with the knowledge that many of your competitors have all but likely already done so themselves.



On Scouty all pictures are in landscape so make sure to take photos in landscape format.


Brighten up your space

Shoot during the day and open all blinds and curtains. If needed turn on all lights before taking any photos and even use additional lighting to brighten up the inside of your location.


Use a good camera and make sure to take high-resolution photos.

Tidy up your space

If there are old props or unnecessary items laying around in your space that don’t need to be there, remove them for the photos.

Highlight unique features

Take pictures of anything that sets your place apart from other locations. Highlight unique features that give your space some personality and makes creatives want to shoot there.


Ensure that all vertical lines such as door frames remain vertical and do not appear to lean on an angle. Ideally, use a tripod to ensure your camera is 100% level when shooting.

Shoot into a corner

If you shoot flat onto a wall it will usually make a space seem smaller than it is in real life. Shooting into a corner will show a broad range of space, add some depth and help give a sense of true perspective. 

Take photos of the outside area

If you’re location has an outdoor area, make sure to take pictures of this as well. Often our creatives will ask if there is parking on the premises or street, so they will be happy to see what the parking looks like. 

The order and number of photos matters

Use your photos to create the closest thing to a guided tour of your space by sequencing images in an order that makes its way logically through your space. Start with the most captivating photo and end with unique features or outside shots. A floor plan of your venue also helps people to get a clear idea of the dimensions. Note: You can always change the order of your images by simply holding and dragging them when editing.

Congratulations on using kickass pictures for your location. The next step is to add a description that sells!

Nico Döser

Nico Döser

Co-Founder and host expert

Our hosts rent out their amazing spaces like bars, studios, private houses and many more to earn some extra money and see their location in amazing photo and film projects.