Once you’ve uploaded photos of your space, you will be asked you to provide some information to help in setting the scene. In the next step you will have to provide, a location name, a description, the address, the availability, an average price per hour and some keywords.

Location name

First of all you will need to come up with a listing name which is a very brief title for your listing. For a studio this could be something like “London daylight studio”. Be short and precise. 


Once you’ve uploaded the photos of your space you need to provide a little more information to help in setting the scene. You have up to 350 characters to let our creatives know the key selling points of your place.Give a short summary of your location that gives people a quick overview of your space and convinces them to book it. Don’t worry about too many details as you will be able to provide a list of features in the next step.

An example of a good description is:
“Stunning bathroom in South London perfect for product placement shots.”

Average price per hour

Next you will need to set the address of your space. Your exact address stays private and will only ever be shared with a creatives after you confirm their booking request.

Average price per hour

Listings on Scouty should be as transparent as possible. This is why we ask you to put an average price per hour for your location. If you are renting out your private flat this will in most cases be easy to do. We are aware though that other locations like photo studios often have a more complex pricing system. This is why you can always change the price per hour and thus adjust it to every booking request. Here is an example:

Let’s say you put £150 as your price per hour. If you negotiate another price (e.g. want to give a discount) you can simply go to you profile and edit the price in your listing. The person interested can then re-request your location to the adjusted price, which you then can happily accept. 


Keywords will help our creatives find the location they are looking for. Specify a few keywords that represent your space best. Our keywords section is limited to 100 characters so please be specific with your selection. Note: you can separate keywords with a space or comma.

Additional terms

We provide a few common suggested features you may wish to set. You can use the ‘additional terms’ to add more information about space and it’s features. Further you can add your house rules and can cover anything else that you’d like our creatives to know. This includes things like max. crew size, type of insurance needed or minimum booking hours. 


The last step before submitting your location is to add some information about the features your location offers. Even-though this section is optional we recommend to add information about entrance size, space size, noise level, power situation and tick any boxes that accurate. 

The last thing to do is to hit that submit button and share your amazing location with our creative community!

Congratulations on listing you location 🎉🎉 We’re glad to have you as a host on Scouty. 


Ryan Gannon

Ryan Gannon

Co-Founder and host expert

Our hosts rent out their amazing spaces like bars, studios, private houses and many more to earn some extra money and see their location in amazing photo and film projects.